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Bryan is an awesome guy and very personable.  It was like talking to someone you have known for years.  He put us onto a lot of fish and we had a blast!  This was my first guided fishing experience and Bryan set the bar very high.  Thanks, Bryan!

Tyler M

Bryan took us out on the lake one morning and we caught an awesome variety of quality fish in just a few hours! Highly recommend!

Mike P.

Bryan and I hit up the spring walleye run on the Rock River.  We caught a number of fish with hits on nearly every attempt!  It was a great morning; Bryan is a very knowledgeable guide and I can't wait to book another trip with him soon!

David S.

Bryan took my brother in law and I on a fishing trip and did not disappoint.  We caught a lot of fish and tried a few different styles of fishing.  He was very easy to chat with and made the whole trip an enjoyable experience!

Ryan D.

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